About us

We are an enthusiastic team of consultants helping companies survive in the competitive environment with the best of recruitment consultancy and innovative software solutions. When it comes to recruitment process outsourcing, the service process covers the complete HR lifecycle in alignment with employment objectives.

Unraveling the software solutions, the project consultants at Phoenix help with application development, architecture design, training, and dedicated offshore development services. This enables customers to enhance their software quality and overcome infrastructural limitations.

Companies incur huge costs with in-house software development. Hence, to cope with such high-end costs, we support companies to set up personalized offshore development centers. This enables companies to select their own resources for specific projects and manage their payroll as well. It is entirely a transparent procedure that helps in budgeted software development needs.

We provide the resources and the infrastructure a company requires for the successful completion of a project. From offshore project management to additional workforce recruitment for the project, we handle all the necessary intricacies through our internal workforce system.

We as a team of professional consultants assist in project collaboration and scale up the team based on the project modules. Companies seeking a helping hand in application design, development, technical support, project implementation, and hiring can connect with Phoenix Consultants for the successful execution of projects based on the timelines.

Compromising on talent and resources can only degrade the quality of a project. Do not invest in time-consuming resources that affect the eminence of a project.

What differentiates Us?

Our networking relationship with industry professionals

At Phoenix Human Capital Pvt Ltd., we consistently build and maintain long-term relationships with industry professionals through their employee life cycle. We pragmatically nurture these associations with personalized attention to each applicant; advising them about their career choices and paths and helping them to navigate through the recruitment process, enriching the overall growth.

Customized and personalized solutions

At Phoenix Human Capital Pvt Ltd., our key differentiation among st competition has been our "customized " & "personalized" solutions to our clients and candidates. We have gone the extra-mile by ensuring that a candidate’s career aspirations are mapped to the role requirements of the client therefore ensuring the long term benefit for both parties!

Customized and personalized solutions

Investments in a scalable and robust recruitment technology platform has made Phoenix Human Capital Pvt Ltd., a highly effective partner for our clients as well as a highly efficient operation. Users of the platform operate out of multiple regions to deliver consistent and high quality real time services to customers and candidates alike and contribute to their success.